Stop comparing. Just BE yourself!

The Unicorn Syndrome – Stop Trying to Be Unique. You Already Are, is about taking off the

mask of who you’ve been trying to be and finally embracing who you are.

"Take off the mask & embrace who you truly are."

Who Am I?

I'm Allison, a Spiritual Fitness Coach, Holistic Wellness Expert, Speaker, and Author of the book The Unicorn Syndrome. Stop trying to be unique. You already are.

After nearly 10 years of working in client services in the advertising industry, managing million-dollar national ad campaigns I realized I was living someone else's dream. I saw countless women sacrificing their health for their careers and burning themselves out. It broke my heart to see this happen to so many incredible and powerful women. I knew that it was possible to have health, wealth, and happiness and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a life full of that. This led me to realize that between my experience in business and my passion for holistic health that I could use my unique gift to help others and make a greater impact.

Unicorns are a symbol of uniqueness. Most little girls want to meet a unicorn. Some even like to pretend that they are magical unicorns and that they have superpowers. But adults teach little girls that unicorns don’t exist, and that magic isn’t real, not knowing that this causes them to stop believing in the uniqueness and magic of their own being. Those girls grow up believing that magic isn’t real and that they are supposed to fit in with everyone else.

"We teach little girls that unicorns don’t exist, and that magic isn’t real, not knowing that this causes them to stop believing in the uniqueness and magic of their own being.

Because of this, we grow up comparing ourselves to other women, who we think look like

legendary unicorns, and we try to be like them. We want to fit in, feel accepted, and be good enough.

"If you don't know who you are you'll be searching for your identity your entire life. When you find out who you are, where you came from, and what your purpose is you can not be stopped."

- Tim Storey

I dedicate my life to helping you become your best possible self, so you can live your best possible Life! The Unicorn Syndrome will be launching August 2021. It's a personal development book centered around holistic health to help you be the best version of yourself. Get on the waitlist to preorder your copy here!

"Allison’s approach to health and transformation is unlike any other that I’ve seen. She has discovered and created a perfect ecosystem of holistic health that bridges science and spirituality in a truly unique and one-of-a-kind way." Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author

Contact me, download my eBook, let’s get to know each other. There are ways to live beyond the box you've been living in. The mask you've been wearing is just an Illusion. You are made for more. I want to help you show you how to create habits of a Healthy, Wealthy, and Abundant, being.

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You are perfect just the way you are!

Question of The Week: Can you relate to wearing a mask like a false identity of who you think you are or who you think you're supposed to be but at your core you know there is more to you? If so, let me know in the comments section below!

I hope you enjoyed this introductory blog post to my NEWLY revamped blog.