Fall Habits for Self-Love & Productivity

Hey friend! I'm glad you decided to check out this post because I know how easy it is to fall into hibernation mode when the cool, fall weather starts to kick. But no matter how good sleeping in all morning might feel when it's cold & rainy out, it actually feels WAY better to nourish your body with what it needs, than it does to hibernate like a polar bear for 9 months. In today's blog, I'm giving you my fave fall habits to help with embracing the change in season, including daily self-self habits to help you feel more balanced and productive.

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I am a summer beach babe at heart. I don't enjoy the cold, I don't play in the snow, and yet I live in a country where it's cold more than 70% of the year. However, I choose to live here and I am in control of my life and there is beauty in every day.

The beautiful thing about fall is that the cooler weather, doesn't just make us want to stay inside more but it's a time for self-reflection. If you find yourself feeling sadder, or more lonely, or less energy because of the change of weather, that's normal. MANY women experience the same thing, I do too. It feels better when we acknowledge how we feel and recognize that we're feeling this way because of the change of season than knowing that we emotionally go through seasons as well.

Instead of falling victim to the darkness, we can look inward and reflect on how we're feeling and use the time to focus on things we want to change, how we want to grow, what experiences we want to create in the future. Creating a stillness practice in the morning can be a beautiful way to express this in a healthy way.

When you follow self-love habits and have a morning routine that feels good for you you'll feel better in your skin, more in love with life, and more confident in who you are. These feelings will set you up for greater productivity in your day! How amazing is that? When you start your day from a place of peace and not stress and anxiety you will be so much more productive in your day. You'll also realize that you can be less busy but get more down which is the key to creating balance.

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