Cookie Dough Protein Balls

I'm going to skip all the preamble on this post and just skip to the good part because I know you want it!

You wouldn't have clicked this link if you wanted to hear a story about how I love baking and used to be such a cookie monster (literally!) - that I'd make cookies just so I could eat the cookie dough. I'd eat so much of it that my body was in physical pain after 😣 . Followed by a tsunami of shame and guilt that led to some deep emotional turmoil. Lovingly, I'm past that now. I've done the work to heal and rebuild. Of course in many ways the work is never fully done. But, I still enjoy the flavour cookie dough and this healthier alternative recipe hits the spot! So like I said, I'm gonna skip that story this time and give you what you came here for.

If you're up for a long story about a binge eater turned fitness competitor turned self-love advocate you can read all about it in an incredibly real and relatable book called The Unicorn Syndrome.

Cookie Dough Protein Ball Recipe


1.5 Cups GF Oat flour * (I make my own!)

4 Scoops Arbonne vanilla protein powder**

1/2 Cups Natural peanut nut butter***

1/3 Cups Honey****

1/4 Cup DF dark chocolate chips****


  1. Measure out all ingredients.

  2. Pour into a medium bowl the oat flour & protein powder. Mix until combined.

  3. Add in nut butter & honey and mix well with a spoon until fully incorporated. The dough should hold together like Play doh, and not be too sticky, nor dry & crumbly. If your mixture isn't cookie dough-like add more wet ingredients slowly. If it's soupy then you've really done something wrong and should start again.

  4. Fold in chocolate chips

  5. Roll into 1/2-1inch size balls and enjoy!

  6. Store in an airtight container in the fridge

*You can make your own gluten-free oat flour by blending oats in a food processor. Most groshery stores carry it already made.

**I've made these with whey protein and they do not taste as true to the cookie dough flavor. Whey protein can get a very sticky, and dry too. I find that the FeelFit Arbonne protein works best because it creates the best flavor and consistency making it feel as close to cookie dough as it gets in a healthier alternative (in my opinion). You can use whatever you prefer but it will largely affect the flavor.

***I like to use natural peanut butter but you can use any kind of nut butter. I think cashew butter would be great for these as well.

hot tip: Always try to avoid nut butter that have added sugars or that have been roasted in any kind of seed oil because the saturated fats are unhealthy.

****Try to find local, raw or unpasteurized honey that is of sign of higher quality. This will be kinder on your gut and provide a higher level of nutrients.

hot tip #1: Did you know a little honey before bed can help you sleep better? 😴

*****Use whatever kind of chocolate you prefer. I personally enjoy the Enjoy Life brand which are free from Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Sulfites, Lupin, Fish, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Casein, Egg, Sesame, Mustard Crustaceans and Shellfish. And only three ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Butter!

If you want to learn about Arbonne protein products you can check out one of my older posts that features them here.

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