6 Ways to Reduce Post-Halloween Candy Cravings

I remember as a child one time saying that Halloween was my favorite holiday; I know that was purely because of the candy. I was a really picky eater as a child but I loved chocolate and confections. I remember going nuts at Halloween collecting giant pillowcases of candy bars on Halloween night. I loved to dump out all the candy after and sort it into piles and strategically organize it from least favorite to favorite candy bars; Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were always number one. I loved those chocolaty peanut-buttery candies so much that my family named our first pet after them, she was a sweet little tabby cat named Reese's Pieces.

^**Literally me for 20 years of my life.

So to say that I get a little nostalgic around this time of year would be an understatement. I get all the feels for comforting sugary, bite-sized snacks. In all honestly, it's likely been YEARS now since I've actually eaten a candy bar (although, I've enjoyed lots of other kinds of sweets). I've genuinely taken the time to change old habits that were no longer serving me and I've made healthy shifts to become the woman I am today. I could eat Halloween candy if I wanted to but I know my body would feel awful after and that's not worth it to me.

I didn't make this 180 transformation overnight through, and I know if you're used to going to Halloween parties, and buying the candy in bulk, and eating it all week after Halloween is over, then I know that it's a very hard habit to break. But it doesn't need to be hard if you break it down into manageable bite-sized action steps.

6 Ways to Reduce Post-Halloween

Candy Cravings

Get a good night's sleep

Going to bed a little earlier and getting a little extra sleep can help balance your blood sugar and reduce your sugar intake the next day. Studies show that increasing the amount of sleep you get can reduce your added sugar intake by as much as 10 grams the next day. Studies also show that sugar cravings are worse by a lack of sleep. So set your alarm for 8 pm, turn off your electronics 1hour before bed, prepare for your nighttime routine and go to sleep tonight by 10 pm (max 11 pm) tonight!

Eat balanced meals

When the body is missing nutrients it sends signals to your brain that it's time to eat. However, over-consuming sugar (like at a Halloween party) can throw off your natural huger patterns. Have you ever had a big meal or a lot of sugar and felt hungry again really shortly after? This happens when the body doesn't receive the nutrients it needs from whole food sources. Sugar is addictive and we can crave it even when we aren't actually hungry. Plan your meals for the week and make sure you're eating whole fruits, veggies, and proteins. Lean protein sources will be your best friend this week to help keep you feeling fuller for longer and in turn, this will keep your cravings at bay.

Don't deprive yourself

The worst thing you can do the day after Halloween is to swear off candy for the rest of your life. I have to put all my hands up for being guilty of this many, many times.

But- Self-love girl! Self-love! I don't shame myself for it and I don't deprive myself anymore either because the reality is I enjoy sweets and sometimes I want them as part of my life. I just don't want them derailing my fitness goals or how I feel about my body. Because let's be honest it's hard to feel good in your body if you overeat to the point of discomfort & guilt.

Create a sweet substitute

One way that I enjoy sweets without depriving myself now is by creating healthier sweet substitutes. I love my Arbonne protein powder for this reason because I can make SO many delicious and nourishing recipes with it. This Halloween I wanted to make something sweet for myself and my family so I make my healthy sunshine breakfast cookies, a recipe from my blog last month. They are amazing because they hit the sweet spot but are packed full of nutrients and protein have no added sugar, no flour, and no butter! I swear they are delicious. Check out the blog post here and try them yourself.

On a regular basis, I make a protein smoothie daily to control my cravings. I use Arbonne's vanilla Feelfit protein powder, frozen mixed berries, cashew milk, and spinach to make a delicious and complete meal that is sweet and healthy!

Get an accountability buddy

It's proven that goal-oriented people create a system of support to help them reach their goals vs. those that don't. When was the last time you reached out to a friend to be your gym buddy or to try Hello-fresh with you? or committed to a gluten-free month with you? Most likely your friend needs the same level of help and to support you do so why not bond together and support each other? Just remember the rule above, don't try to deprive yourself!! Instead, be smart and create realistic habits and goals to support each other along the way by checking-in weekly. If you want to join an incredible and free healthy habit community check out my free Facebook Community here.


Yes, meditate. Meditation can relax your central nervous system, calm your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and help you move into the parasympathetic nervous system aka "reset & digest". In this state of mind, you can tune in to your body's natural signals and cues. Being in a calm state can help you identify what the sugar craving really is and you will notice that if you observe it but don't act on it that the craving is just a feeling that passes in time.

Here is a link to a beautiful 20 minute guided meditation "Boundless" by Travis Elliot on the Dare to Awaken podcast to help you get into this magical state. I absolutely love this podcast, Travis' guided meditations, and his yin-yoga classes on YouTube.

^^ If the 6 ways above don't help, you can buy this spooky skulll hand bowl and use it to stop yourself from going after your Halloween candy, just like this pug!

Thank you so much for reading!

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