3 Mindset Tips to Build Healthy Motivation

I hit a point in my fitness journey where I realized that I had two options in front of me - to go on or to quit.

It had been years and years, that I had had the same goal, year after year, of wanting to lose weight. I had vision board, after vision board, and food journal after food journal, and yet my desire to be thinner never change, it felt like my body never changed too. I was spending so much time and energy thinking about being skinny, wanting to workout more, wishing I would eat less and yet none of that energy was motivating me to actually change. I finally realized my two options were 1) I could just quit and give up, or 2) try again.

I tried again.

and again.

and again.

In my trial and error process of trying different workouts, different diets, and new healthy habits I eventually developed compassion and self-love (the missing ingredient!).

Over time I gained the strength to stay motivated because I learned that the outcome was not the goal, the journey was the goal and the only way I was ever going to be happy was to love myself through the process.

Through this realization, my mindset shifted. This shift then drove me to achieve the dream body I'd always wanted, and to finally feel energized and good in my skin. My mindset went from being focused on external motivators and rewards, like wanting to lose weight so that others would say I looked great when I wore a bikini at the beach - to my true desire of wanting to feel good in a bikini on the beach and not care what anyone else thought! It wasn't about THEM it was about ME. It wasn't about getting a body like someone else, it was embracing my body! This lead to a growing desire to want to workout regularly because of how strong and good it made me feel instead of trying to compete against others for validation.

You see, my mindset shifted from external motivators to internal motivation through the discovery of self-love and acceptance.

"Weight loss is not a result of a strict diet and exercise program, it's the outcome of nourishing your mind, body, and soul on a level that feels true and good to you."

3 Mindset Tips to Build Healthy Motivation

1. Focus not on the outcome but on loving the process.

2. Shift your motivation from external motivators (like other people-pleasing) to internal motivators (like how good YOU will feel when you have a fit body.

3. Stop paying attention to what IS and start believing that your vision IS your new reality. Visualize yourself looking in the mirror and confidently saying I love you - and truly loving every inch of yourself! Picture yourself running and feeling your body fly freely through the air, without resistance or pain. Imagine how amazing that will feel!!

Then make sure to celebrate when you notice that you are making progress with shifting your mindset. PLEASE don't skip this. This will be hard at first. You're used to measuring processes by a number on the scale and that is exactly why you've never achieved the true feeling of confidence that you want because confidence can not be found in a number on the scale.

Notice when you start to become more and more aware of old thought patterns like negative-self talk, or exercise for punishment, or skipping meals because you think you "over-ate" the day before. Instead start to celebrate the moments when you listened to your body when it tells you to take a rest day, or when you decide to make a protein smoothie instead of grabbing fast food because you know you're body will feel more energized after. It's these moments that add up to a lifestyle change and the results that you've dreamt of for so long.

Take action today by using these 3 mindset shifts to help you create the change you want to see in your body and life.

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Thank you for reading! I'd love to know if this was helpful or if it raised any questions for you.

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