12 Days of Fitmas Challenge!

Learn to leverage your cycle and master your mindset to work with your body and not against it this holiday season!

Challenge dates December 6th - December 17th.

I am beyond excited to announce The 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge with Coach Allison (myself) and my dear friend Coach Megan!

The holidays can be a super busy, stressful, and overwhelming time mixed with so much joy, fun, and excitement. It's literally the bubble-gum-coca-cola Slurpee of seasons.

I love the holidays but I don't love the feelings of guilt around food or shame around my body after days of holiday dinners and long nights of wild office parties. I learned my lesson and I've worked hard to create a healthy 80/20 lifestyle balance all year round and that doesn't change because it's the holidays.

Do you feel...

  • Overwhelmed by the thought of keeping a workout routine over the holidays.

  • Like you have to choose between health or having fun at holiday parties.

  • Guilty after the holiday season about overindulging and like you need to "start fresh" Jan 1.

  • Like you make the same New Years' resolution to get healthier every year and nothing changes.

But you want to...

  • Feel balanced and in control during the busy Holiday season.

  • Reduce your PMS symptoms & food cravings and to not fall "off track" with healthy eating.

  • Go into the New Year with momentum to achieve & maintain your health + fitness goals!

  • To feel good in your skin and not "stuffed & bloated" at the end of all the holiday fun.

Hey, girl! I get it!

I understand because that was me for so many years. You need to know what there is a way to find balance in the busy holiday season and you can feel good by nourishing your body and prioritizing yourself inside and out! I want to help show you how good, or at least better (let's take baby steps!) you can feel.

That's why Megan and I decided to come together to great the 12 days of Fitmas Challenge to give you the tools, accountability, and support you need.

We are hosting this challenge inside of a private Facebook group, where you're getting access to LIVE workshops to help you learn how to leverage your cycle and master your mindset - so that you can create balance, energy, and sustainable habits this holiday season!

PLUS you'll get:

  • Daily Health + Accountability checklist - value $47

  • Daily accountability from BOTH health, fitness, and self-love experts Meg + Allison - value $800

  • Expert workshops: Megan is teaching you how to harness your feminine superpower - your menstrual cycle. And use it to leverage your fitness results and work WITH your body, not against it. Allison is teaching you how to master your mindset, and bringing you a guided visualization for your highest self heading into 2022 ($1,559 value)

  • Fitness App access Home + Gym workouts with detailed instructional videos for safety + efficiency. Cycle syncing will help you optimize your results (Access value for 12 days $457)

  • Nutrition Resources + Recipes that will help you nourish your body! ($199 value)

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Pre-sale price is $197 before it goes up to the general public.


PLUS, We'll be doing a Secret Holiday Gift Giveaway at the end of the 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge! Entry into the giveaway is easy, it starts with signing up for the Challenge and we'll be giving away entry ballots and adding them up + tracking them based on your engagement in the Challenge!

PLUS!! If you sign up by December 3 I will gift you a complimentary 15 minute 1:1 Holiday Survival Strategy Call with me! On this call we can talk through one main challenge you face over the Holidays and I'll give you a strategy to overcome it this Holiday season.

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