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The Unicorn Syndrome is the illusion that you aren't good enough as you are. It's believing the lie that you aren't unique, that you need to be someone else to feel like a unicorn.

Truth is, you already are a unicorn! 



The Unicorn Syndrome

Stop trying to be unique. You already are!

Join Allison on a journey through this book to rediscover your uniqueness and the beauty and strength that’s been within you all along. It’s time to stop trying to be someone you’re not and start embracing the audacious and radiant woman that you truly are!


Meet The Author, Allison Woodley

Allison Woodley is a Self-Love + Mindset Coach, and author of the book the Unicorn Syndrome - Stop trying to be unique. You already are.

Allison's distinct approach to creating a healthy lifestyle goes beyond diet and exercise and deep into emotional and spiritual intelligence. Before starting her business and after nearly a decade of working in the advertising industry, she felt called to start helping women create health and healing in their lives. Now she dedicates her life to helping women transform from the inside out.

What people are saying about

The Unicorn Syndrome

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Jen Szpigiel, Business & Life Coach

Allison’s ability to speak from the heart is a breath of fresh air. The words in this book will offer you a concrete path to emotionally, physically, and spiritually, heal your life.


James MacNeil, The REAL Love Guru, Author of Pure Spiritual Intelligence

This book, The Unicorn Syndrome, is what happens when infinite wisdom, spiritual intelligence, and kinesthetic genius meet with a pure, spiritually intelligent, soul. Allison synthesizes profound wisdom in these pages and brings it to life through her heartfelt journey of self-discovery. You will not be the same person when you finish this will be closer to your truest and most beautiful self.


Rebecca Cafiero, Bestselling Author, Podcast host, TEDx speaker

Stop denying your greatness. You are unlimited! The Unicorn Syndrome reveals the truth about who you really are and really shows you how to unleash the true power within.

You are not ordinary, boring, dull, plain, average, or broken!

The endless cycle of diets and the on-again-off-again workout train that you’re stuck in is not because you are unmotivated or have bad genes. It’s because you’ve lost touch with who you really are. You are an infinite being filled with unlimited potential for greatness, love, beauty, and health."


- Allison Woodley

Allison's book
will help you…

  • Break free from imposture syndrome and self-sabotage

  • Quiet your Ego and live fearlessly 

  • Discover your true self & your internal guidance system

  • Live in your truth and embrace your authentic self

  • Heal your relationship with your body

  • Set boundaries and prioritize your health

  • Encourage the four dimensions of health into your daily routines

  • Stop punishing your body and start loving it